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Fish Stix is ready to build a one-of-a-kind rod that is guaranteed to become your favorite. We will build you the best custom rod for surf, inshore, off-shore, fly, kite, freshwater or kayak fishing. Fish Stix rods are made of the highest quality materials that make them lightweight, reliable, and durable.

Our Rods

I currently have two Fish Stix rods, an 8ft surf rod and a 9wt fly rod. When I got the surf rod a few years back, it instantly became my go-to. It launches just about a lure in my box and can buckle down on big fish while being able to work a lure with finesse. Both rods have unparalleled craftsmanship and are made with the finest materials — they’re truly works of art! Jeff is also an awesome guy and he really stands by and maintains every rod. My rod spends the winters with him, and every time I pick it up at the start of the season, it looks brand new. Jeff is committed to his customers and ensures each one gets the most out of their rod. I also highly encourage anyone to check out his shop!

Fish jumping out of the water with a lure in its mouth.

A custom rod with Jeff at Fishstix is more than just a rod and hardware and it’s more than just a fish on a line…Whether you’re casting for memories with friends or family or you are celebrating an epic milestone with a colleague, Jeff Allen and Fishstix delivers a magical experience that will leave lasting memories and hopefully some killer trophies.  The entire experience of designing every intricate feature of the rod with Jeff is an experience unto itself.  The creative process, the craftsmanship, and the gear is exceptional and the memories this process and every minute spent with the finished product imprints are priceless!

I think my first Fish Stix rod an 8′ spinner was built in 2015 . That rod is a work of art and has been used heavily. It has caught a ton of Stripers,Blues ,Bonito & Albies . I think Jeff has rehabbed twice and when he returns it she’s like new ! I also had a bottom jigging rod made for Fluke & Black Sea Bass I believe 6’6″. Another work of art and again has caught countless Fluke,Sea Bass , Skates , Sand Sharks and it’s going strong as well . I worked with Jeff on the build of both and found just the right blank with action I was looking for , spected out the line guides , reel seat , handle , wrap colors ,etc and waited for her to be born and not long at that. I just received my 3 rd Fish Stix which is 7’6″ spinner last Fall so haven’t had too much catching yet with her however some 34″ + Stripers & Gator Blues as well as Albies. That rod top shelf as well !!


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